Roger Federer: 'Shanghai organizers asked me to play in Hangzhou'

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Roger Federer: 'Shanghai organizers asked me to play in Hangzhou'

Roger Federer shared the reasons why he will play an exhibition event in Hangzhou, China, from 27 to 29 December, prior to the ATP Cup, for the next five years. The world No. 3 said: "I was approached by, yeah, by Hangzhou and from the promoters of this event here.

They run such a great event here in Shanghai, Michael and Charles and the Juss Group. When they told me the idea of what they're trying to build up in Hangzhou and towards the Asian Games, as well, they would like to attach me to me playing in China and in Hangzhou for many years, I thought that would be something that's exciting.

I know I will be in Asia more often also through Uniqlo and also through this tournament, I believe, because having opened the stadium here and having built the friendship with this tournament is going to keep me around here.

I always believed a lot in tennis here in Asia, as well, so I'd like to help out if I can in some ways. I like to play in new places, as well. That's always been a big thrill for me. That's also why I'm going back to South America, and Asia and South America for me have been places I have nearly not played enough for my liking as a professional tennis player.

Hangzhou was just something I thought would be this year good preparation for the Australian Open and also something that would be very exciting for me to go and play."