Roger Federer reveals why he is being very active on Twitter

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Roger Federer reveals why he is being very active on Twitter

Roger Federer spoke about why he is being very active on Twitter in the last week. The Swiss said: "It's the energy level and obviously being around my kids, try to be good role model not having my phone in my hand the whole time.

My kids are not here, so they don't read the press so they don't know I'm on the phone. Yeah, I have always enjoyed interacting through social media with the fans, you know. But I took a nice break after Wimbledon, because I was spending a lot of time with the family all the way till, I don't know, US Open maybe.

I didn't post anything because I was just tired, you know. I always said and I swore to myself I will never start on social media if I have to post every day two times. That's just not the idea for me. Even though people say that's what you've got to do, but I don't care what I have to do because I'm not on social media to make money or anything.

I'm just there to have fun with the fans and it's fun to interact. I have been doing it when I'm on the massage table or hanging out in the morning and not doing anything besides, you know, just having good conversations with my team.

Now my parents are here, so probably that's going to slow down just a little bit because I want to spend quality time with them, so social media goes again probably on the side a little bit for the rest of the week."