Roger Federer: 'Shanghai city has really improved a lot'

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Roger Federer: 'Shanghai city has really improved a lot'

Roger Federer spoke about how Shanghai city has progressed over the years. The Swiss, who first came in China in 2002, said: "It's really improved a lot, you know. Not that it was not good before and now it's great.

Not at all. I always thought it was amazing. I really felt the Expo made a big change. I remember going to the Expo, actually. I went to the House of China, Switzerland, South Africa. I went all around. Was busy then. I liked it a lot.

I even went on a ski lift in Switzerland. That was odd. It was funny. So I think really the sort of the city cleaned up a lot. The Bund and everything is much, very different, at the Hilton Hotel around there. I thought it was -- the area was different.

You know, you go walk around everywhere, you look around, it's clean, and it's really well organized. Also, I feel like they drive much safer nowadays than before, to be quite honest. Yeah, I'm happy. I saw it grow.

It's just incredible, the size, the highways and the bridges the whole time. This is stuff that we almost cannot relate to as Swiss people, but I'm highly impressed by its progress here in this city, yeah."