Sock fires warning to Roger Federer, says he will try to win 2020 Laver Cup

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Sock fires warning to Roger Federer, says he will try to win 2020 Laver Cup

Jack Sock enjoyed playing the Laver Cup against Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The Team World got very close to win and the Team Europe prevailed for the third year in a row. Sock hopes to get a revenge next year. “Geneva was the highlight of my year so far and that one’s going to be tough to beat for a while", he said.

"Our team was so close again: That one stung for a while. I think all the guys were still down and out about it, even a week later. Hopefully in the next coming years we can pull through and take that. Obviously, the atmosphere is probably a little different from Geneva to here in Fairfield and some of the other Challengers I’ll play this year.

But you gotta kind of go back: I’ve gotta obviously get some points and get the singles ranking back started. I’m definitely playing with more confidence after [Laver Cup], and more energy and more positivity."

On his thumb, he added: “It feels good. The thumb still has stiffness in it. They said it could last up to a year, 18 months, but I’m able to grip the racquet and play, obviously, so that’s a big positive for me.

It’s just nice to be back out playing again”. Sock feels confident ahead of the future: “I’ve showed it, for my whole career. So obviously that’s in me and it’s not so far away, I would say.

People still like to hate on me this year and I’ve played, you know, what maybe five events and not many matches. I still have a long way to go to get back to where I want to be and I know I can be”.