I want to win ATP Finals and a Grand Slam title again, says Roger Federer

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I want to win ATP Finals and a Grand Slam title again, says Roger Federer

Roger Federer spoke about the time he has been spending in Shanghai. The Basel native said: "I like a lot staying with my family, I have never enough out of everyone. But obviously it's a bit different if they are not there."

Federer has more time for social media. "Especially on Twitter and Instagram, I enjoy myself and I reply fans. It will definitely continue this week, I hope to be in the tournament for a longer time." On his next goals, the 38-year-old added: "I may win a Grand Slam again.

And definitely the ATP Finals this year. It would be an enormous thing after failing at Wimbledon. I could have won any of the big tournaments." Asked if he would like to break Jimmy Connors's 109 career titles, Federer added: "Honestly, 102 titles are incredible.

I cannot believe I won so much. But every title counts, I feel great on Tour and I enjoy myself. I hope to stay healthy so I can do everything." Becoming world No. 1 again in the next months will be impossible: "It's not that important now.

The other two (Djokovic and Nadal) are fighting and it will definitely be interesting until the end of the year." Novak Djokovic spoke about how he manages to return so many balls back by John Isner: "Of course I do my homework, and I talk with my coaches and understand what his pattern is, I mean, what his favorite angles or serves are, if there are some, because he can hit any serve at any angle with any pace and any rotation.

Today I kind of expected him to go more for the second serves, which was the case, but I didn't expect him to not make a single double fault and really hit every second serve over 200. I mean, that was really impressive.

But still, I was very pleased with the way I returned. You know, I returned a lot of balls back and just made him play."