Roger Federer open to play doubles, but not in Grand Slams

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Roger Federer open to play doubles, but not in Grand Slams

Roger Federer last played a competitive doubles match, outside Laver Cup, in 2016 with Stan Wawrinka in Indian Wells, preparing for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Federer eventually skipped the Olympics due to a back injury.

The Swiss may play doubles soon again as he is yet to take a decision about if playing or not the Games in Tokyo next year, but in a recent interview he denied he may play doubles in Grand Slams. "I don't think my body would want that", said the 20-time Grand Slam winner, who has great skills at the net.

"Honestly, I want to give myself the best opportunity for the singles. I had my fun in the Grand Slam. I had my Grand Slam fun, to be honest, in doubles, and that will be it. Maybe in other tournaments maybe I will play some more doubles in the future."

Federer also praised the Swede Bjorn Borg. The 11-time Major winner was the Team Europe captain for three years in the Laver Cup and he will have the same role again for the fourth consecutive edition in 2020 Boston. "Sampras was one of my favourite players.

Borg, what he achieved is something for me almost beyond something possible, the five in a row, plus the sixth, plus the six French Opens he's achieved." Federer's schedule on the ATP Tour will be light until the year ends, as he is committed to Basel and ATP Finals in London. He played many matches this year so far, so he may skip Paris.