Nadal: 'I always face Roger Federer thinking he is unbelievable player'

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Nadal: 'I always face Roger Federer thinking he is unbelievable player'

Rafael Nadal has defeated Roger Federer 24 times out of 40. The Spaniard shared why he has been successful so many times when he faced the Swiss. "The real thing is I played a lot of times against him, and a lot of times I played great against him," admitted the Mallorcan.

"So probably that's why I had this success against him. But you never know when that stop. Today I am happy that I am able to win against him again. When you go on court against Roger, I know that I am playing against a player that is unbelievable.

What happened in the past probably will not help me. I take every match like a different history and every day is different." Federer spoke about how he is an example for the younger generations. The 38-year-old world No.

3, who has been running a Foundation since 2003, said: The important thing for me is that I am a good human. Kids look up to me and think, You know, I like Roger, because of the way he plays, of the way he does an interview, of the way he conducts himself on the court, the way he behaves with children."

On how the game has evolved, Federer added: "I get a sense that maybe some players have changed a little bit their games playing against me, or the way they're entering the matches, they might just not play the way you expect them to play.

So I see that sometimes. But most of the times when it gets tough, the matches, they return to their basic game, and this is when I can still play my own game."