Pique: 'There must be a bad communication between Federer and his agent'

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Pique: 'There must be a bad communication between Federer and his agent'

Gerard Pique, speaking in Madrid on Thursday during an event, commented on Roger Federer saying he never spoke with the FC Barcelona defender. Pique is among the investors for the new format of Davis Cup and he clarified that he tried to start negotiations with the 38-year-old.

Earlier this year Pique had said that he had never spoke with Federer on a personal basis because the Swiss has too many commitments, but now he said: "There must be a bad communication between his agent and him because I spoke with them, they said that he was open to come, then we invited them in a formal way.

He and his agent may not communicate too much." Federer has other goals at this stage in his career: "I had a great time at Hopman Cup back in the day. I had a great time now at the Laver Cup, which is a priority for me.

And it's not like I'm going to play much more, you know, of a bigger schedule. That's why it's just going to be hard to do. Look, I'm still in support of the Davis Cup. I hope it's going to it go super well in Madrid.

But like I said, I just don't know and I can't plan that far ahead, but this year definitely -- well, I'm not playing because we are not qualified, anyhow." Federer helped Switzerland win its first Davis Cup title in 2014.