Roger Federer declines to speak about argument with umpire

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Roger Federer declines to speak about argument with umpire

Roger Federer was asked if he could elaborate on the discussion he had with the chair umpire during his quarter-final match loss against Alexander Zverev in Shanghai last week. The Swiss declined to get into the details. "So you could write on Twitter, you mean? No, it would be nice to write something nice once also about the game.

Next question," said Federer in the press conference. Federer added: "I thought I played all right. It's tough when you're serving 220 average and you're down within a couple of shots 30-Love on the return games.

So I don't know. I mean, look, I tried. You know, I definitely had some moments I felt like it was more maybe on my service games where the rallies were taking place which was tough for me. I hoped I was going to get more second serves.

I was maybe hoping beginning of games of Sascha's serve I would maybe be more in the games. But credit to him he didn't allow that to happen too frequently. And then naturally may be missing some rhythm, you know. Normally lack of rhythm is not an issue for me, but the court plays quick, so you don't have much time to think about, you know, you serve, he returns, maybe you attack and you hope that attack lands decent and you're not going to be stranded once you come to the net, you know.

He's got a backhand that's gold, so sometimes of course, you know, he made me pay there." After his win in Shanghai, Medvedev has overtaken Federer in the third place of the race rankings.