Shanghai Masters insider praises Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal for fairness

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Shanghai Masters insider praises Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal for fairness

Yang, an official working at the Rolex Shanghai Masters, praised Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for not just being great tennis players but also amazing persons. Yang, speaking to Shanghai Daily, said: “He illustrates all the top qualities required of a tennis player, including skills, elegance and discipline.

The job gave me a different angle to observe players”. Yang also praised Rafael Nadal: “Nadal showed up in a VIP box for the sponsors to watch a match, however, a member of staff in the box was not aware of his identity and required him to leave the box during interval.

Nadal, without saying a word, nodded and quietly left the box, which was quite surprising for me”. He also spoke about how more and more tennis line umpires have been coming up from China over the years: “I remember clearly that in the 2002 Shanghai Masters Cup there were only six line umpires from China while 14 were foreigners.

With the growth of tennis tournaments in China and the country’s preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Chinese umpires got their skills improved in both domestic and international tournaments. Now, we are not inferior to our foreign counterparts.

Chinese officials are also working in the Grand Slams finals. In 2006, China only had one bronze-badge and six white-badge chair umpires. By last year, we have two gold-badge and three silver- badge chief umpires; one gold-badge and two silver-badge referees; one gold- badge, six bronze-badge and over 50 white-badge chair umpires”.