Federer and Nadal are the greatest, they continue to surprise - Cahill

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Federer and Nadal are the greatest, they continue to surprise - Cahill

The tennis coach and analyst Darren Cahill spoke about Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal's legacies in tennis. Cahill said: "Doubting any great athlete in any sport is a mistake. Doubting Federer and Nadal is tennis suicide.

These two guys have made the really difficult seem easy for so many years that it’s difficult to believe there will be anything like this rivalry for many generations to come. Their love of the work, love of the journey, love of competition, and love of success has been second to none throughout their careers.

To those outside of the game they continue to surprise. To those inside the game, they continue to be Roger & Rafa. The two greatest the game has seen and winning is normal", he told Shanghai Daily. Cahill also spoke about the secrets behind those two players' longevity: "Coaching and training has played an important part.

The two unsung heroes in these camps are the two strength and conditioning trainers who have guided them throughout their careers. They work behind the scenes and receive little credit for their work but both, in different ways, have helped Federer and Nadal maximize their careers by protecting their bodies from injury, fine tuning them into two of the fastest athletes the game has seen, and extending their playing windows.

We’ve seen the benefits that the latest two coaches have brought with Ivan Lubjcic and Carlos Moya adding new dimensions to their respective games. Ultimately, it’s the player that swings the racket but the right guidance, training and advice goes a long way to helping any player achieve success."