Roger Federer praises Cabal and Farah for ending year as world No. 1s

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Roger Federer praises Cabal and Farah for ending year as world No. 1s

Roger Federer praised the Colombian duo of Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah for ending the year as a world No. 1, as announced by ATP through their official social media channels. The Swiss wrote: "Congrats guys, amazing season so far and it’s not even over!!!" In an interview, as quoted by China Daily, Cabal spoke about the success he has been getting with Farah: "It's been amazing, it's been a crazy run, we are just really proud, really happy about the results", said Cabal, who considers Farah almost as a relative of his.

"Let's put it this way - my wife says she has two husbands," he joked. Farah added: "We've been like family forever. The tour can be a lonely place sometimes when you don't have your friends and family.

We started playing against each other when we were 6 or 7 years old. When we were playing at 10, 11 for our state, our coach said, 'Well, you guys are playing together in this tournament.' And we were like, 'Err, alright.'

The first time we played doubles together was a national tournament in Medellin, I was 11 or 12. We played there, we won it, and since then it's been a long journey." The on-site player control supervisor Chase Larson spoke about what makes Shanghai so special for the players: "Players like their routines.

If they win, they'll usually want to hit with the same partner or practice on the same court at the same time."