Four children, playing sick, injured and jet-lagged: Federer on challenges

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Four children, playing sick, injured and jet-lagged: Federer on challenges

Roger Federer spoke about the challenges of being a professional player on Tour since 1998. The Swiss, speaking with Vogue, said: "It feels to me like I just started playing and have only been on the tour for five years or so—time flies when you are having fun, I guess, but I have felt this way for 20 years.

Of course, in some ways I wish I still had more years on the tour, and that this wasn’t my 20th year. But over the course of my career, I’ve faced many adversities: playing with injuries and while hurt, sick, jet-lagged, or tired—even playing when you have four children can be challenging day to day, especially when you are at the top."

On how his retirement scenario will be like, Federer added: "I’ve long given up that it needs to end in a fairy tale. I don’t need to be ranked [No1] or need it to be after a big title. If it happens that way, that’s amazing.

But you can’t control it all. You have to put yourself out there, be vulnerable. I play because I love tennis, not because it needs to end [perfectly]." The Laver Cup's Team World Vice-Captain Patrick McEnroe closely watched Federer in the event over the last three years.

The American said: "Certain players, you had to push them a little harder; certain players you had to listen to them a little bit more, it depended on the personality of the players and where they were in their career.

You can’t tell Roger Federer to practice the same way Rafael Nadal practices. A lot of it is just knowing the individual."