Roger Federer: 'I tell my children about my trips in Africa'

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Roger Federer: 'I tell my children about my trips in Africa'

Roger Federer has been running a Foundation named after him since 2003. The Swiss player will compete in an exhibition match with Rafael Nadal in Cape Town in front of 48,000 people in February 2020. "Many fall into poverty without being at fault," said Federer about the children he helps.

"They were born in poor condition and they stayed poor. Others lose their job, have financial problems after divorce. They can ask for help but are afraid of doing so – because of shame. Poverty is still a taboo. It's like this.

However, it's important that people overcome poverty and take support. I tell my children about my trips in Africa. I show them pictures and videos." Alexander Zverev spoke about how Federer helped him mentally after the 2018 Australian Open third round match loss against Hyeon Chung: "He said some encouraging things," admitted the German.

"He told me a story about how he never made it past quarters until he was, what, 23 years old or something like that. So I still have a little bit of time. Hearing that from the greatest player of all time is comforting, because you always think, Oh, if I'm not going to win this one, I'm never going to win one.

And he's the greatest player of all time. He's never passed a quarter until he was 23. Just hearing that, just knowing that it's all okay, it's not the end of the world."