'Federer doing great job with Laver Cup. Austria, Germany are interested'

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'Federer doing great job with Laver Cup. Austria, Germany are interested'

Several ATP tournament directors like Marseille's Jean-Francois Caujolle and St. Petersburg's Natalia Kamelzon did not praise the Laver Cup introduction on the ATP Calendar at all. But Edwin Weindorfer, Stuttgart Tournament Director, thinks that it was a good move by Roger Federer and his agent Tony Godsick.

"Laver Cup has done a great job and it was a good decision to bring it on the ATP Calendar", the Austrian said. "It has only been three years but it raised a great success. They introduced a lot of good technologies, the product is a very exciting one, featuring top players.

If there is any chance to bring Laver Cup to Austria or Germany, it has to be Vienna or Berlin. We would be very happy about it. We are also very close with Tony Godsick." This year in Geneva Nadal and Federer played for Team Europe.

They were supposed to play doubles together on Sunday. Weindorfer also hopes that Andy Murray will accept a wild card in Vienna or eventually compete in Stuttgart next year. "He had an incredible match against Dominic Thiem in Beijing, he is having a great come back.

I do not know if he will play in Vienna because he will soon become father but we are interested at having him in the Mercedes Cup." Weindorfer finally had a good feedback speaking of Nick Kyrgios, who may miss Vienna due to a shoulder injury: "When he played in Stuttgart, he was fantastic.

He really sold a lot of tickets last year and he always played well there. He lost close matches. Hopefully he gets healthy and plays in Vienna and Stuttgart again."