Federer likes tennis a lot, he wants to make Laver Cup stronger - Petkovic

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Federer likes tennis a lot, he wants to make Laver Cup stronger - Petkovic

In an interview to Der Standard, the German player Andrea Petkovic was asked why Roger Federer is back to play the French Open on clay at the best of five sets. Petkovic said: "I think it has a lot to do with Laver Cup.

They want to make it stronger even more, build a sort of Ryder Cup. It raises and Roger and Rafa play. On the other side, I think he really likes tennis a lot. He is just ambitious. They are champions. Us normal persons do not understand it."

Petkovic also believes tennis can be boring: "I interviewed Barbora Strycova for Racquet Magazine and I started without tennis. Us athletes have the same answers, like robots. Not because we want it, but questions are often the same ones and you already have the answers on your mind.

We spoke about fashion so she had to find other answers." Petkovic finally confessed: "The biggest shock for me was to feel alone. My parents did not have a lot of money, I mainly travelled alone. That's like this for many.

With the most little tournaments, you make friends more often. You have to help each other. But if you are a professional, it changes: everyone is alone and has their own team. Even thought everything is friendly, everyone tries to protect their privacy.

You feel alone. You need to be with others and be strong. If you ask if someone wants to take a coffee, everyone are there. It took me years to do it."