Now having a second career is possible. Look at Federer, Williams - Golovin

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Now having a second career is possible. Look at Federer, Williams - Golovin

Tatiana Golovin is ready to come back on the WTA Tour after retiring from the professional tour for the first time several years ago due to injuries. Asked if she has specific goals, Golovin replied: "Not at all, my first motivation is to find the right spirit to play tennis.

At a game level, I play as well as I did 11 years ago, my quality is the same. But I need to find dynamic to handle points and a high level pressure match, and only by playing tournaments I will make it because nothing can replace the competition."

Asked about Kim Clijsters's return, Golovin added: "I think every case is different and I stopped my career at 20 years because I could not cope physically anymore, not because I had won everything or I had children.

I do not know how these players feel when they come back, but I know that when i was still playing, you could not be around until 30 years of age or have a second career. Now with the progresses made by technology, training methods and rackets, it's possible!

Just look at Serena and Federer who are older than 35 years old." On the women's tennis, Golovin concluded: "It's wrong to think that the level dropped, it's not because Serena doesn't win more than before, it's easier for other players.

Just look at the Grand Slam finals, the level was amazing and even Serena Williams could do not cope with those players. Now winning is even tougher and the women's tennis made progresses."