Boris Becker: 'I have a hard time saying Roger Federer is the GOAT'

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Boris Becker: 'I have a hard time saying Roger Federer is the GOAT'

The six-time Major winner Boris Becker was asked if Roger Federer is the greatest player ever so far. The Swiss holds the men's Grand Slam titles record at 20 although Novak Djokovic, at 16, and Rafael Nadal at 19 are very close.

Also, Federer was world No. 1 for 310 weeks, he broke Pete Sampras's 286 record weeks back in 2012. Becker said: "It's very difficult to say, you cannot compare generations. Was he better than myself, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, Pete Sampras, he won most Grand Slam but I have a hard time saying he is the best ever", said Becker, who thinks he would have done well against Federer if they faced each other being both active players.

"I do not think he likes my pace, the fact that I often come forward even on my second serve, not giving him much time to start his trademark forehand and backhand crosscourt", admitted the Leimen native. "The more time we give to a player, the better he becomes."

Federer is definitely the most loved player. He won the ATP Fan's Favorite Award 16 times in a row from 2003 to 2018 - the streak is still open - and someone wonders why Djokovic is not as loved as Federer. However Janko Tipsarevic, a former world No.

8, believes things will change one day: "Once Federer retires and Novak is still playing and competing against Dominic Thiem, Sascha Zverev, [Denis] Shapovalov or whoever is coming up, the crowd will generally cheer for Novak. That’s just the way it goes”.