Felix Auger-Aliassime: 'Roger Federer is my role model'

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Felix Auger-Aliassime: 'Roger Federer is my role model'

Felix Auger-Aliassime is one of the biggest newcomers coming up on the men's tour. The 19-year-old Canadian has reached three finals this year losing all of them but it seems that he will snap the losing trend. In an interview, the Montreal native spoke about his inspirations: "I do not have a hero but role models.

There is no one that I put above God. I obviously get inspired by Roger Federer, his serve, his shots. Outside of that, my father was very close to me, he inspired me when I was a kid." Auger-Aliassime thinks attention around him is increasing: "I think this popularity started little by little.

It was not a sudden popularity. It started at my city level and then at the province level and then at the international level. Therefore, even if I'm young, it's been quite a few years that I have had to cope with this growing popularity."

Federer recalled his very beginnings in tennis: "I remember going to the tennis club with my parents, we used to go there with all our friends and I was hitting with a wooden racket for hours playing with white tennis balls instead of the white ones we have today.

Those are my memories when I was coming up as a tennis player. It's important to remember that I started or re-started tennis as a game even though that's what it becomes eventually with all these things of media and photo shoots."