David Goffin: 'In Shanghai I played a good match against Roger Federer'

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David Goffin: 'In Shanghai I played a good match against Roger Federer'

In an interview with Rftb, David Goffin spoke about his last week's loss to Roger Federer in Shanghai. "Last week I played a good match against Federer. You can always give yourself a shot, you never know. You always need to have self-belief.

I try to play well, tournament by tournament. And to get good results in the biggest possible tournaments. I ended on the top 15 in the last years. And once on the top 10. I try to go as high as possible. I can just raise," said the 27-year-old.

Asked if he really wants to reach the ATP Finals, Goffin replied: "I see it as a bonus, as an additional tournament. Going there for the second time would be amazing. But it's not even up to me. I have to play well and the others have to play less well than me.

There are two more players ahead of me. I will fight until the end." On fellow Belgian Kim Clijsters making her return to competition, Goffin added: "It was nice, she does it with a lot of desire. She does it because she misses tennis and she really wants to play matches to find the rhythm back.

It must be physically tough at 36 or 37 years of age. We will see how she feels. But she is talented and I think she can be at a good level again." On compatriot Steve Darcis announcing his retirement from the professional tour, Goffin said: "He really did a lot for the Belgian tennis.

He has a successful career. He was an example for fighting on court, with his good matches especially in the Davis Cup. He plays his last tournament in Belgium here in Antwerp. Hopefully, he will not feel pain on his elbow during his last tournaments."