Andy Murray shares why he has similar mentality as Nadal and Federer

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Andy Murray shares why he has similar mentality as Nadal and Federer

In an interview, former world No. 1 Andy Murray spoke about Belgian Kim Clijsters coming back to the Tour in 2020. The British player said: "I saw her hitting balls this year in Wimbledon when the new roof was opened. She still hits well.

I do not know how intensely she played tennis over the last six or seven years or how much she kept training over all those years, but you never lose the feel. The rhythm comes back as soon as you start training more correctly.

If she stays fit, she will be doing very well. "Playing a tennis match is a success and playing three is even greater, but you cannot compare training and competition. You may get injured. After some months your body gets used to it and it will be Kim's case.

Kim was a former world No. 1. You need to have a great work ethic. When I became a father and a family was waiting for me, my mental balance is better. Obviously I am disappointed when I lose and happy when I win. But I also think about how I can be a good father.

Because just thinking about tennis is stressful. It's not by chance that players come back as mothers or while they have families. When I was world No. 1, my schedule also depended on the training and tournaments. That's why I also had hip issues. Now it's no longer important. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have this mentality too."