Denis Shapovalov inspired by Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to improve

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Denis Shapovalov inspired by Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to improve

Denis Shapovalov aims to achieve more success in the future. The Canadian player wants to get inspired by the biggest champions in his attempt to reach the heights of the ATP Tour. "I want to have Nadal's character and Federer's gamestyle.

I am trying to do my best. They are very experienced and against them every match is hard. I was good in handling them in the past and i think we will definitely be able to reach them. There are many wonderful talented players."

For Shapovalov, to be doing mentally is the key: "When I played a big tournament for the first time, I felt very honored and excited. But during the second and third year I started getting used to the routines, I lost passion and excitement, especially in the mid of the season, so I had a holiday.

I came back in the Montreal tournament and now I am just really excited to play every match." On how it felt to play the Laver Cup for Team World, Shapovalov concluded: "They all praised me in the locker room. We all kind of had a chat.

But also it's my part to get over it and get ready for the doubles. Now Jack is playing, so it's his turn and they're out there supporting him. It's not about sulking, being there for me for hours. You know, it was a tough match and I feel ready for the doubles. It's not like I need, you know, guys to hug me and stuff to kind of get ready for it."