'Playing in Africa with Rafael Nadal is a dream come true for Federer'

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'Playing in Africa with Rafael Nadal is a dream come true for Federer'

In an interview the CEO of the Roger Federer Foundation Janine Handel spoke about the upcoming Match for Africa 6 between the Swiss and Rafael Nadal that will take place on February 7 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa. Handel said: "This match in Cape Town means the world to Roger.

It is a real dream come true, playing in the country of his mother's home and bringing high-class tennis to Africa. That was really his motivation. That's why he picked Rafael Nadal, his lifetime rival but also friend, sharing the cause for helping the less privileged and empowering children." Federer said: "I believe every young child should have the opportunity to spend some years in such a center because early education is the foundation of learning.

In the communities they are so committed to improving their own village, helping their kids for a better future and making it sustainable at the end of the day. That's most important that it is an ongoing thing and hopefully forever." Federer praised the Austrian Dominic Thiem: "Next to other players he will be the next superstar.

That's what I wish for him from my heart. Then we would have a super world no. 1, and he's a nice guy as well, that would be great for tennis."

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