Roger Federer: 'Both Stefan Edberg and Becker were very important to me'

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Roger Federer: 'Both Stefan Edberg and Becker were very important to me'

Roger Federer spoke about two of his biggest childhood idols, Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker. The Swiss cheered more for the Swede than the German although he admired both of them a lot. "It was important. I remember sitting in the living room, on the carpet rather than the couch because I was too nervous on the couch, so I moved down.

They played against each other here a couple of times, a few times. Becker was first my idol until some of my friends said, ‘Why Becker? Edberg is cooler’. Is he? OK, I'll be Edberg’. Both were very important to me.

Of course, I was joking around also hoping one day I'd be a Wimbledon champion," said Federer. South African Kevin Anderson shared what makes Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Federer so difficult to beat: "It is more challenging because it’s five sets.

It definitely helps more experienced players. There have been so few guys in the finals of Grand Slams in the last 15 years, they have so much experience in those situations that they feel very comfortable. It’s very tough to beat them specifically at Grand Slams."

Speaking of their dominance, Nadal said: "Of course, we have been playing so well for such a long time. That's something unique in this sport because, of course, it never happened in the past that three players more or less during the same time achieved that much. But here we are." Federer will be playing the Swiss Open in Basel next.