Footballers should learn from Roger Federer, says goalkeeper

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Footballers should learn from Roger Federer, says goalkeeper

The Borussia Monchengladbach goalkeeper Yann Sommer spoke about his admiration for Roger Federer. Speaking to Bundesliga Weekly, Sommer spoke about the amazing time of his career he is going through. “I’d say I have never felt better than I do right now… at 30.

You gain a lot of experience over the years, and at some point, there’s this realization you’ve become more composed and well versed in your work. You know exactly how to respond in certain situations in a way you didn’t when you were younger, and I’m still trying to improve in every department”.

On Federer, Sommer added: “He’s an incredible tennis player – sheer quality. He knows precisely what has to be done and how to get the best out of himself. If he feels a tournament’s going to be too much, he doesn’t play it.

I think that’s absolutely the right approach and also one that you can take in football”. On how he approached football, Sommer concluded: "My parents told me that, way back, the coach asked who wanted to go in goal… and I really did.

My uncle was a goalkeeper and so was my father – I don’t know… maybe I was inspired by seeing his goalie gloves lying around the house. I wanted to be a keeper and that proved to be a good decision”.