Gabriela Sabatini may play exhibition match with Roger Federer in Argentina

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Gabriela Sabatini may play exhibition match with Roger Federer in Argentina

The organizer Marcelo Figoli spoke about the exhibition match between Roger Federer and Juan Martin del Potro that will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in late November. Figoli said: "The exhibition was supposed to be with Zverev because Juan Martin was recovering from a knee surgery.

But knowing he was making an effort to be back this year, we approached him. It's so good to have him. He gave so much happiness to the Argentineans with the Davis Cup, the Olympic medals. Of course, Zverev will come to Argentina and he will be an option if something happens.

And if he wants to play doubles, he is welcome. We follow Delpo's recovery day by day and we understand that a couple of weeks before the exhibition he will be playing tennis at a good intensity. Our dream and our desire is that Gabriela Sabatini will play the event competing in singles or doubles, we will see.

It will definitely be unforgettable days." "At one point we thought we should have been cautious and if Argentina was not economically ready to do it, we should have not done it. But as a businessman I would be sad that Roger would come to México, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador and not to Argentina.

But we achieved it." Meanwhile the Vienna's Erste Bank Open Tournament Director Herwig Straka spoke about how he reacted to both Kei Nishikori and Nick Kyrgios withdrawing from this year's event on Tuesday. "Sometimes there are days where organizers do not want to be in their own shoulders, but we are still positive because the Erste Bank Open field, despite two forfeits, is still extremely strong and offers a high quality tournament."