'Federer gets to South America with 8 people, including a security guard'

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'Federer gets to South America with 8 people, including a security guard'

Organizer Marcelo Figoli shared details about what Roger Federer will do from 18th to 20 November during his South American swing. Federer is going to be playing several exhibition matches there. Figoli said: "He gets here through a private flight from London after the ATP Finals.

He will have a eight-people team. He comes with a security person and we will give him two more for him. He will stay in the Hilton Hotel of Puerto Madero. He will come on Monday 18, early. We will have some social activities that day, that we are still deciding.

Then probably a press conference a dinner for 1,000 people in Hilton, for the people who bought the Roger Experience. For more than a hour, he will tell about anecdotes and emotions. It will be unique. Then he will go to Chile to play an exhibition on Tuesday.

And he will be back to Buenos Aires. On Wednesday he will hold a clinic and the match with Delpo will start at 6:00 PM, and his day is ended. How many tickets are left? A very few VIPs, 600 at the top of the stadium and 400 of the Roger Experience.

Some people will also have the chance to play a tie-break with Roger and Delpo. We had the best availability by Roger and his team. He did not ask like a God does, at all. He just asked to respect his times off and warm-up: he has a 90-minute fitness work before the match." The 38-year-old will start the new season at the ATP Cup in Sydney, preparing ahead for the Australian Open.