Ramos: 'I pick Rafael Nadal over Roger Federer because he is my friend'

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Ramos: 'I pick Rafael Nadal over Roger Federer because he is my friend'

In an interview to Amazon Sport TV the Real Madrid football star Sergio Ramos was asked who he prefers between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Ramos replied: "Rafael Nadal, because he is a friend of mine. I am a frustrated tennis player at heart."

On the criticism he got after the 2018 Champions League final, Ramos added: "That's part of my life, I have to face it. I respect everyone's opinion and it's true that sometimes people judge me on a bad note.

But you do not have to think about it. The situation with Salah, especially in England, made a lot of people think in a different way about me. But I am calm. I would never hurt a colleague of mine intentionally." Asked what he wants to do once his career is over, Ramos replied: "I think I have some years left to perform on a big note at the Real Madrid and in the National team.

I can only say that I want to stay in touch with the world of sports. That's the world I want to live into." Asked who were his childhood idols, Ramos replied: "As a kid I just wanted to become a football star, an attacker, score.

I looked at Ronaldo, Claudio Caniggia - also because of his long hair - and Hernan Crespo. When I grew up, I changed position and I switched to defence, because I liked Paolo Maldini, Fernando Hierro and others."