Roger Federer will be impressed by Mexico City, says organizer

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Roger Federer will be impressed by Mexico City, says organizer

Mexico is ready to welcome Roger Federer and Alexander Zverev that will play 'The Greatest Match' in Mexico City on November 23. The MexTenis director Raul Zurutuza said: "It's an important achievement for everyone, it's teamwork, we worked a lot to bring him", he said on Federer.

"We tried many times to bring him in the Mexico Open, which unfortunately coincides with Dubai, where he has a long relationship, he always thought it's a relationship that goes beyond tennis. This opportunity came up and we took it.

In Acapulco, where the 27th tournament anniversary will be celebrated, for us, the player and the crowd have always been the most important, as well as sponsors and media. You have to treat players well, I think we did it well, they always come here being very happy.

Unfortunately, Federer could not come because of his schedule but he will definitely be impressed on Saturday 23 playing in the Plaza de Toros." Zurutuza finally spoke about the Guinness World Record that they will try to break: highest attendance ever for a tennis match, that currently belongs to Kim Clijsters and Serena Williams in 2010 Bruxelles.

They played in front of 35,681 people. "We hope to try to break the record in a non-competitive match, now Belgium has it with 35,000 people. We are speaking with Guinness to see what the conditions need to."