Roger Federer: 'Sometimes we buy 10 airflight tickets, take 25 bags'

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Roger Federer: 'Sometimes we buy 10 airflight tickets, take 25 bags'

Roger Federer spoke to CGTN about how it feels to travel all around the world with his wife Mirka and their four children. The Basel native said: "Some other players don't have family and so forth. So it is pretty straight forward, it is fairly simple.

"When I book flight tickets, we are sometimes buying ten tickets, 25 bags, a convoy of cars, everything becomes so massive and so huge, which is fun but at the same time can be draining. "It is a huge task. My wife chips in a lot of energy and a lot of know-how because she has also done it for over 20 years "So we need to be very careful and clever with my wife.

How many tournaments to play, which one to play, where to take the kids, because you don't want to miss a beat and then later you actually have a lot of regrets "As long as the kids have had a good time on the tour, it is also OK for me to continue playing.

"The moment I feel they are growing unhappy with the traveling I would obviously leave them at home more but it would also have an impact on my schedule because my family is my No. 1 priority, it's always been clear for me."