Andrey Rublev: 'There were no goals before win over Roger Federer'

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Andrey Rublev: 'There were no goals before win over Roger Federer'

In an interview to Rt, Andrey Rublev admitted his Cincinnati third-round win over Roger Federer was unexpected. The Russian player said: "There were no goals and like I said many times before, I don’t really have goals.

My main goal is to do my best every day, especially outside the court, [during] practices. Every day to try to improve the things that I need to improve. Because if I do it well and I improve I will do better at tournaments. If I do better at tournaments I will win more matches.

If I win more matches my ranking would be higher. Everything comes together." Rublev also spoke about the tough time he went through when he struggled to find consistency: “I learned not to take too close to [my heart].

People had already expected much from me, and when I showed nothing they put RIP in my name. Then they started to say the opposite: ‘no, we still believe in you,’ [some] were saying that my time has already gone.

It’s normal. When you lose, everybody says his career is almost over, he will never come back. When you start to win everybody starts saying ‘we have been believing in you since the beginning.’ So it’s a normal part of any sport”.

On his compatriot Daniil Medvedev's success, Rublev concluded: “Everybody knows his style. He is a really good player who doesn’t really miss the ball, who can play in a good rhythm and [move] at a good speed.

He can play without missing, without giving you many opportunities to attack. He defends and serves very well. So basically he does many things very good. Now he is much better than me, he has beaten me this year a couple of times. I have to work hard to do my best [to beat him]."