McEnroe shares how Roger Federer managed to beat Rafael Nadal

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McEnroe shares how Roger Federer managed to beat Rafael Nadal

John McEnroe believes that Roger Federer's game has evolved over the years. The American former player said: "Personally, I think Roger has got less stubborn, switching to the bigger frame racket. Obviously he won so much with a 90-inch frame, but he had problems, especially with Nadal.

That lefty serves, catching the ball with that spin, above his shoulders -- that's a tough shot for a one-hander to handle. I think that was a realization, that if he didn't make some changes he wouldn't be able to keep improving, and if these other guys kept improving he wouldn't be able to stay with them."

Federer recalled the fifth set of his Wimbledon final loss to Djokovic: "I was still happy to be at 8-all, 9-all. I don't remember what it was. You’ve got to try to see the positives, you try to take it as a good thing that you're not down a break or that the match is not over yet.

If I could have picked it before the match to be at 9-all in the fifth, that wouldn't be a terrible thing. You just always try to push yourself to see things on the better side. But it was definitely tough to have those chances."

Lloyd Harris recalled the first time he went to Wimbledon and watched Federer playing live: "I was 10 and it was the first time I had seen a pro tennis match. My parents snuck us on to Centre Court and I saw Federer play Marat Safin.

I thought it was amazing seeing these guys moving and the way they played. Here I am, playing him a few years later. Federer was always my idol. He was beautiful with finesse and the best role model for players."