Nadal has a big chance to break Federer's Majors record, become GOAT -Lopez

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Nadal has a big chance to break Federer's Majors record, become GOAT -Lopez

In an interview to Marca Feliciano Lopez spoke about Rafael Nadal possibly achieving the Grand Slam titles record overcoming Roger Federer's 20 Majors. Lopez said: "He is the best Spanish sportsman ever. Tennis player for sure but sportsman too.

I am surprised by many things when it comes to Rafa. After all, what he, Novak and Roger won, they keep winning and they keep dealing with the pressure of winning every day for many years. Very few people can do it. I think they have a chance to be the best ever.

We will see over time. Djokovic can do very well being healthy but next year Rafa has a big chance." Lopez is set to play the new Davis Cup Finals in Madrid: "The format made by Kosmos seems to be a positive one.

It got a lot of criticism but it was clear that we needed a change. Players could never take a rest before and now that there is a change, people criticize. Having the best 18 countries over one week is impressive. It's a plus 100-year competition that had to evolve.

Hopefully, I will be able to do well." On his Davis Cup memories, Lopez concluded: "Each one is different. You appreciate it a lot, living the feelings you live when you represent your country and your team than when you play on Tour.

You help one another and it has been a very special competition since my tie in Australia to the most recent one against France in Lyon. I have so many good memories. 2008 Argentina which was a special one for the whole environment.

When we defeated Mardy Fish and Andy Roddick, Bryans. That was one of the Davis Cups I remember the most for the difficulties."