Soderling: 'Sometimes I wish I could beat both Federer, Nadal in 2009 FO'

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Soderling: 'Sometimes I wish I could beat both Federer, Nadal in 2009 FO'

The former world No. 4 Robin Soderling recalled his 2009 French Open run where he defeated Rafael Nadal in the fourth round and then ended up losing to Roger Federer in the final. The Swede said: "Sometimes I think if I could beat them only that year so that I could have won the title.

It was so hard. When I started feeling better, it was difficult because I really wanted to be back but I did not make the body make an effort how I needed to. I just could not." On his beginnings, Soderling added: "Tennis was very popular.

I started going to a tennis school when I was five or six years old. At 11, I trained with people who were going to the gym. At the time I was facing players of all the ages who had played for their whole life. I learned to play against different game styles, which was very useful.

When I had a seven-hour session at school, I was going to tennis just to hit for an hour. It took like three minutes. Now it's more difficult. "Winning so much gave me a lot of motivation, but you can learn from losses.

As a tennis player, it doesn't matter if you are Roger Federer or someone else, because you still lose matches anyways. But for me when I switched from junior to senior was a shock because I suddenly started losing a bit.

I was starting to lose all the match that I was usually winning. It was the toughest moment until when I broke the top 100 rankings and I started playing ATP matches."