Roger Federer reveals the tournaments he plans to play in 2020

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Roger Federer reveals the tournaments he plans to play in 2020

Roger Federer gave some interesting details about his schedule for the 2020 season in an interview to CNN. The big news is that he will be back at the French Open for the second year in a row and that he plans to compete in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Referring to his plans prior to the second calendar Grand Slam of the year, Federer warned he will have a light schedule on clay just like he did this year. "I probably won't play much before that. Because I need some time away from it, some time with the family, we need a vacation, a break.

And especially if I am playing the Olympics. So I am playing the French, Halle, Wimbledon, Olympics, maybe Cincinnati and the US Open", said Federer who also confirmed he will compete in the Australian Open. Federer also went through rugby knowledge.

How many players can compete per team? "22" False: 15. Which team is called All Blacks? "That's New Zealand." What is a scrum? "So I used to do that with my dad for fun back home, like when you push into each other.

With the necks. You have to be very careful, actually. I don't quite understand it - if they could not figure that out in a different easier way that doesn't break your spine. But it's hardcore in there, yeah."

How long is a rugby match? "80 minutes" True!" Who is going to win the World Cup of rugby? "I have not followed it enough but... one of the favorites maybe? All Blacks? I hope South Africa or Australia."