Roger Federer:'I would like to coach younger players at Rafa Nadal Academy'

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Roger Federer:'I would like to coach younger players at Rafa Nadal Academy'

Roger Federer revealed an interesting new thing about his plans once he stops playing professional tennis. The Swiss player said: "They have been asking me for a while, I am sorry, I will disappoint you again... I have not decided when I will stop.

But I would like to teach tennis to the younger players. And I would like to do it with the Rafa Nadal Academy." Meanwhile the Toronto's Rogers Cup Tournament Director Karl Hale commented on Federer not including Toronto on his 2020 schedule.

The Swiss will set Olympic Games and US Open as a priority, and he may play in Cincinnati in between. "It was a comment and not a confirmed schedule", said Hale. "We are still confident that Roger will be in Toronto.

Both US Open champions played Rogers Cup (Rafa Nadal and Bianca Andreescu) this summer and we think players will follow suite." The Russian player Elena Vesnina, who became a mother last year and may compete again on the Tour, spoke about the switch between the younger and older generations in women's tennis.

Vesnina said: "That's absolutely a logical change of generations, sooner or later it had to happen. The same people cannot play on a consistent basis, they become boring. And so the tour changes. That's natural. It's very nice to see new names, new faces coming up, it's nice to cheer on these girls.

I saw the US Open and I do not know many players. That's normal, when we came up people were like: 'Who are they? Where are they from?' In a couple of years there may be a clear favorite. Like Serena Williams, obviously, it will be difficult.

I think there will not be another player like her anytime soon. There have been many Grand Slam winners in the last years. It seems that Naomi Osaka will not be less of a star than Serena, but we will see how she develops because playing at the same level for several years will be very difficult. What Serena does is great."