Andrey Rublev compares Roger Federer to Lionel Messi

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Andrey Rublev compares Roger Federer to Lionel Messi

In an interview to RT Andrey Rublev made a comparison between Roger Federer and the FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi. Rublev lives in Barcelona and he sometimes goes watching football matches. "Roger is probably most similar to Lionel Messi.

It's very easy for both to hit winners", said Rublev. On Marat Safin's comments during the US Open final between Medvedev and Rafael Nadal, Rublev added: "It was very good. Safin is talented in everything. Everything he does, he looks like unbelievably original and elegant.

But I do not think he wants to work as a commentator. He just had the opportunity and he did it." Meanwhile the Rafa Nadal Academy will host four free clinics in Switzerland from Sunday 29 to Wednesday 23 October, for kids, teenagers and adults.

When Federer will land to Mexico on November 23, he will hold a press conference at 10:00 AM, attend sponsors meetings and then will play an exhibition match at 7:00 PM. He may fly to Ecuador during the night to play another exhibition the following day in Quito.

On Daniil Medvedev skipping the Vienna Open, the Tournament Director Herwig Straka said: "I was surprised by his withdrawal. Now the best 17 results and not best 18 will be next to his name and that's a big problem."

Per rules, players should play at least an ATP 500 after the US Open. Straka was not surprised by Nick Kyrgios's forfeit, while on Kei Nishikori he added: "He had booked a training court with Domi but he did not get fit.

The tournament budget got increased from 5 to 10 percent and the prize money from 8 to 10. Also, fridge temperature can now be regulated by the players themselves on court."