Daniil Medvedev: 'I achieved childhood dream by overcoming Roger Federer'

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Daniil Medvedev: 'I achieved childhood dream by overcoming Roger Federer'

In an interview to RT Daniil Medvedev commented on the big achievement of reaching six consecutive finals and passing Roger Federer on the ATP Race to London. The Moscow native said: “It’s an amazing feeling because I would never have dreamt in my career to reach six finals in a row and not just six finals, three were Masters 1000 and one of them is a Grand Slam final which is something exceptional.

Passing Roger in the race is also something probably I dreamt of as a kid to pass Roger in the ranking and still do it when he’s perhaps not in his best shape but still when he’s playing every week, he’s trying to get points.

It’s just great I’m happy about my performance. I don’t want to stop I want to be better every day”. On being seen as a bad boy by people after arguing with the US Open crowd, Medvedev added: “Talking about ‘bad boy’, I’ve always said it’s not for me to decide whether I am or not because in 10 years (if) we’re still talking about this it means I am a ‘bad boy’.

But I don’t think I am. I can be emotional, I can make some mistakes just because I blow up so fast but I do think people see the real side of me and its for them to decide whether I am or not. My first goal I always said is to win every match I play no matter which tournament I’m trying to take first tie or the final.

Because you cannot be in the final if you don’t win the first round. The more matches you win the better you are in the ranking, the more chances you have to become the number two number three number one in the world and the same for Grand Slams."