Andrey Rublev: 'Now I understood how legendary Roger Federer is'

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Andrey Rublev: 'Now I understood how legendary Roger Federer is'

In an interview with Sport Express, Andrey Rublev was asked what his win over Roger Federer in Cincinnati brought him in terms of extra value. "That's a difficult question. First of all, it made me understand how much of a legend he was.

How unbelievable he is as a tennis player. When I won, I admired him more than my win. My thoughts were more on him than the fact that I beat him. And then I thought about where I could be if I had done all right. I will work correctly, I will be professional in everything.

Because there were matches that showed the contrary. During the match against Roger, all the stars aligned. And then I came back to the real world." On his improvement in the rankings in the past few months, Rublev said: "To be honest, before the season started I did not even think about how I would have liked my season - if in the top 30, 10 or 100.

Not everything went well because I suffered an injury and so I lost several months. In the end, I had my best season ever. It could have been better but worse too. The main thing is to keep working." Asked how he can avoid injuries in the future, Rublev replied: "I should be smarter.

I should monitor my body, be careful about my training so that all muscles are stronger. It was a shame when everybody was playing and I was not there. I was angry. But I did not think about ending my career."