St. Petersburg Open slams Laver Cup co-founded by Roger Federer again

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St. Petersburg Open slams Laver Cup co-founded by Roger Federer again

In an exclusive interview to Tennis World USA the St. Petersburg Open organizer Natalia Kamelzon spoke about how coinciding with the Laver Cup co-founded by Roger Federer. Kamelzon said: "So much attention has been paid lately to the Laver Cup both in the press and the internal ATP system which included this tournament in the official calendar and talks about the eventual option of awarding ATP points (to Laver Cup players).

I can only say that Roger Federer knows this system inside out and he smartly uses its benefits as the tournament organizer. The ATP already launched a new team event and the ITF has its own team event, and they pretty much look the same.

I see Laver Cup as a super commercial show with a good budget which makes it possible to bring the best players, an event which offers an opportunity to the whole system to earn money on advertising, broadcasting, ticket sales, etc.

But our stadium was packed in the semifinals and finals over the last 5 years. Russian tennis fans love to come and cheer for their fellow Russian players, and they do appreciate the traditional sports format of our tournament.

There was not a lack of attention from Russian and foreign media either. We have an arena with 6500-seat capacity, around 24 000 spectators visited us throughout the whole tournament, usually during the qualies around 2,500 to 3,000 people attend the tournament.

Over the last five years 104,150 people attended. 24 TV channels were broadcasting matches from our tournament, 56 hours of broadcasting overall. 15 standard cameras and steady cams were used for the creation of video-content.

We had 23,400 subscribers on social media and one million pages were visited. We also have a three-language website (in Russian English and Chinese), we have our own live broadcast and our own tournament’s TV-studio, a media center."