Roger Federer: 'I am no longer bothered about questions on retirement'

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Roger Federer: 'I am no longer bothered about questions on retirement'

Roger Federer was asked if he is bothered by people asking him about his retirement. The Basel native replied: "No longer. I was bothered when they were asking me ten years ago. That moment will come but when I understand it's the right moment I will play just a very few more matches.

I am sorry for disappointing you but I have not decided yet." What is he most angry about for being popular? "Being treated for what you are not. I did not even think there would be so much attention from media for me, for my life and for what I think.

In my case everything changed when I won my maiden Australian Open and I became the world No. 1. Until that moment I was asked about my forehand, break points... Then they started asking me about everything. Politics, economics...

But I am a tennis player, why are people interested about other topics? I have opinions because it's important to have them, but I am a tennis champion and I do not give answers for everything." On what he will miss about tennis, Federer said: "The players, the atmosphere in tournaments, the locker room, the pressure, travelling."

On his tears following his five-set Wimbledon final loss to Novak Djokovic, Federer concluded: "On court and also during the prize ceremony I was able not to cry but once I got in the locker room, when they told me I got so close, some tears dropped."