Andrey Rublev: 'This also happens to Roger Federer...'

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Andrey Rublev: 'This also happens to Roger Federer...'

Andrey Rublev defeated Marin Cilic to reach the Kremlin Cup final in Moscow. The Russian player said: "It was a tense and nervous match, so it was insanely hard for me and him. He had every chance to win the first set. This is tennis.

Someone leads with a break, but at a crucial moment can’t win. In an equal fight, I was able to turn the tide of the match and win." In football if you do not score – you concede a goal. Is it like that in tennis? "If you watch the matches, similar things happen to all players.

At each tournament, someone leads a set with a break. It seems that he wins, but in fact it is very difficult. This also happened to Roger Federer. In most cases, you will probably win. But sometimes you lose." What does the final mean to him? "I am insanely happy to reach the finals at home in Moscow.

As I said before, this tournament evokes my childhood. For me, going out to play in the finals tomorrow is incredible. Let's see how it goes. I do not want to make a guess." On Marat Safin sitting in his box during the match, Rublev concluded: "Of course, I saw, after each rally I looked at my box. From the very beginning I was very happy. In the second set, I was upset that he had left."