Roger Federer: 'My opponents may be nervous in Basel...'

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Roger Federer: 'My opponents may be nervous in Basel...'

In an interview Roger Federer spoke about his feelings heading into the Swiss Indoors in Basel. The Swiss said: "Expectations are always slow. Because I know that on faster surfaces everything can happen very quickly. In the same time, I always have a big confidence within myself.

Playing here with fans on my shoulders always helped me. It can make the opponent nervous and I feel very motivated. I have a lot of excitement, as always, I have the experience and I know how to handle it. Winning the tenth title here would mean a lot.

You do not think about winning a tournament ten times. It's a dominance. An unbelievable number. I like to remember when Rafael did it in Monte Carlo for the first time. Now I am on this position, but still far away from reaching him.

You have to play a tournament often and being successful. It needs to have something special, that works well. Are those the conditions, the city, the crowd? At the end of the day it's a combination of everything and that's definitely the case in Basel."

"My goal was to have a contract that could work until the end of my career. We signed it some years ago. For me it was clear that I would play here every year. It's official. I gave my appearance fee to the Foundation for years."

On his childhood idols, the Peru's player Juan Pablo Varillas said: "Roger Federer. Rafael Nadal is my reference point in terms of attitude, but Roger is... The master. I also have Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray at the top."