Roger Federer: During US Open I decided that I would play 2020 RG

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Roger Federer: During US Open I decided that I would play 2020 RG

Roger Federer spoke about his 2020 schedule and the reasons why he will play the French Open and Tokyo Olympics. The Swiss said: "I wanted to wait for Wimbledon to see how the clay-court season would influence my campaign on the grass.

That was a big question mark. At Wimbledon, I realized that the clay-court season did not influence me in a bad way, and it was instead very good. My body coped with it. I reached the Wimbledon final, which was great. But then I asked myself, Clay-court season? How much should I play? Only Paris, or some more tournaments? Then there are the Olympic Games.

From Wimbledon, I have been discussing it with my team on a consistent basis. Roland Garros, I already decided it during the US Open. The Olympic Games, during Shanghai. On Monday, after Basel, I will sit with the team to see exactly how we will plan the rest of the year.

I always have to ask myself how much is too much and how much is too less." On the next generation, Federer added: "Thiem will have chances to win Grand Slams in the next years. His results showed it. Wins in Indian Wells and Beijing, played well Roland Garros and Madrid.

He always played well, even on different surfaces. The younger players are coming up strong and Daniil Medvedev's performance at the US Open will have paved the way for the younger guys. If we older players will keep winning, we will write history.

If the younger guys will start winning, new rivalries may come around. But as long as the three of us plays, everything will go well."