Belinda Bencic: 'Hopman Cup with Roger Federer was very special'

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Belinda Bencic: 'Hopman Cup with Roger Federer was very special'

Belinda Bencic spoke about how playing Hopman Cup with Roger Federer felt like. Bencic said: "Hopman Cup is very special for me, because it is obviously with Roger Federer. It is not the tournament that counts for ranking points.

But still it is so important. Everybody is trying their best. It is more like a team tournament, so you can share your emotions from victory. And this victory today… Yesterday I had more emotions, because I qualified for WTA finals in Shenzhen.

Today I was more relaxed, especially after the first set. Now I am more grateful to my team. I can’t wait to celebrate with my team. Today’s victory feels more like your own achievement." On her run in Moscow, Bencic said: "I was actually prepared to play qualifies.

It was so good to be handed a wild card, because if I didn’t, I would have played three matches in quallies. So, it saved up my powers, because I didn’t play three matches to get into the main draw and I skipped the first round of the main draw getting a bye.

For me it was an amazing chance. I was dreaming of such result, but I didn’t expect it. It was my last chance to qualify for Shenzhen, so the pressure was more enormous." On her childhood, she concluded: "When I was playing with my brother, I tried to bring up my competitive spirit. Sometimes it is helping that I am angry to show better results. I am still working to find the right balance."