'Roger Federer will come to Ecuador with 10-12 people' - Organizer

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'Roger Federer will come to Ecuador with 10-12 people' - Organizer

The former player Nicolas Lapentti commented on the exhibition match that Roger Federer will be playing in Quito, Ecuador, on November 24 against the German Alexander Zverev. Lapentti, talking to El Comercio, said: "It will be between 10 and 12 people who will come with Federer and Alexander Zverev.

They always travel with some friend. They will bring physioterapist, coach and security guard." Asked if bringing Zverev was a surprise for them, Lapentti replied: "No. In this kind of events, they choose who they want to face.

As for Argentina, it will be Juan Martin del Potro and in the rest of the swing in Colombia, Chile and Ecuador it will be against Zverev. He comes with a private air flight that we have to pay among all the promoters of the swing.

It is an additional cost. Then we were told about the amount of houses they need to stay in Quito, which are not a lot. One of his agents sent me a photo about the conflicts that Ecuador is going through. I explained him that it will definitely be solved over the next few days.

Roger likes that I am the organizer. Unlike other countries, where there are no former tennis players." Asked why they picked Quito as a city for the event, he shared: "The Ruminahui Colosseum has the roof. We cannot take risks with the rain.

Also, it has 5,000 more seats than the Guayaquil Colosseum." On his head to head meetings with the Basel native, Lapentti said: "We faced each other twice, one in Madrid and one in Miami. I never won a set."