Federer being ball kid and then player in Basel is a great story - Mother

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Federer being ball kid and then player in Basel is a great story - Mother

In an interview with ATP Tennis Radio, Roger Federer's mother Lynette commented on how special the Swiss Indoors is for her and the whole family. Lynette said: "The tournament has improved, has become so much more professional.

It's amazing how much it developed. I really look forward to it, there are so many interesting people. All the ball kids, linesmen, media. Basel means a lot. That's where my kids grew up. Basel is a very special tournament and Roger has been involved for the past 20 years.

I remember he played Andre Agassi once in the main draw. It goes back to a very long way. I am happy that he has won nine titles and it would be great to have ten. But we are just happy when Roger enjoys himself playing."

Federer was a ballboy at the tournament back in 1994. "It was great. It was good for Roger that his mum was always there wherever he needed me but he did not need me which was also a good sign and he loved being around the players.

I think he had a great time. Unfortunately, it was just for one year. It's an amazing story, he was a ballkid and now a tennis player on the Centre Court. He is always very respectful with the children, he challenges them and it's very nice.

Pete Sampras was his idol at the time. That's a nice story. He was receiving a medal after the final played by Michael Stich and Stefan Edberg." Federer will try to conquer his 103rd career title this week in Basel.