Lynette Federer: 'Roger always took decisions by himself'

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Lynette Federer: 'Roger always took decisions by himself'

Speaking to ATP Radio Lynette Federer commented on her son Roger's determination in taking decisions by himself since a very young age. Speaking ahead of this week's Swiss Indoors in Basel, Lynette said: "You try to care him, support, but not much has changed for me and Robert.

Of course he needed me and we were focused on our two teenagers. What they need is your constant support but you should not concentrate on them day by day. He decided to go to Ecublens tennis club by himself. I said him, Okay, you can go, but if you want to be back home, you are welcome."

Lynette and her husband Robert went to Asia earlier this month first to Singapore to visit their daughter Diana, and then to Shanghai to support their son. Finally, they went to Tokyo where Federer played an exhibition match with the American John Isner on Monday night.

Lynette said: "That was great for us. China is an interesting country for us and we were in Shanghai in 2002, 2005 and this year. It was very exciting. What Shanghai has achieved over the last few years, it was fantastic. I also went to Japan.

We experienced the amazing culture of the Japanese and we may be back. When we travelled this time, the kiddies were not there and we spent more time with Roger." Federer will try to triumph in Basel for the tenth time.