Roger Federer: 'My dream was to become a top 100 player'

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Roger Federer: 'My dream was to become a top 100 player'

Roger Federer spoke about the first memories connected to Basel. The world No. 3, speaking ahead of the Swiss Indoors, said: "First memory goes back to playing with wooden rackets in the tennis club we have today with white balls.

I do not know how many players of this generation can say that, playing with white balls. I used to train for two hours. I also collected a lot of strikers about the players, trophy, the tournament. I used to follow players for autographs, not for photos because it did not exist.

At the time I took the tram or when it was too cold my parents or my family drived by car. I was going by bike trying to catch the green light. I like my childhood memories." On how it feels to be a very popular tennis player, he added: "It's still a little bit surreal, I had a dream of being a top 100 player, maybe playing on the centre courts and you normally forget what privilege is but I did not forget that, I try to enjoy as much as I can every single time and enjoy every training sessions, trying to interact with the fans who know how grateful I am.

I enjoy every moment of it." Federer doesn't forget his origins: "I am a very proud Swiss. It has been a bless for me. It is one of the best countries in the world. It's such an incredible place to live in, people are always friendly and helpful so I am very proud.

The Swiss people love their sports, it may be a bit less crazier in supporting players than other countries but we love national, winter, summer sports. Education always comes first and it was also the priority for my parents.

But I think people believe more and more they can have a future in sports and I hope I can be an inspiration for the next generation of athletes and tennis players."