Fabio Fognini reveals private conversation with Roger Federer

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Fabio Fognini reveals private conversation with Roger Federer

In an interview as quoted by Blick Fabio Fognini spoke about his controversial mindset. The 32-year-old Italian player said: "Crazy or not crazy is not important in tennis. It's important to leave your heart and all the rest on the court.

At this point of my career, everything is regrouping together. I am satisfied with my results." About Roger Federer, who he played Laver Cup last month in Geneva, Fognini said: "At dinner we spoke a lot about the family life.

How to handle children and tennis. He has four and I will soon have two. But I was often told that two children are more than the double than one and many things change. But I may be calmer and even more successful." Federer praised the Chileans Nicolas Jarry and Christian Garin: "Nico and Christian lead the new generation.

It will be difficult that they will be as good as Marcelo Rios and Fernando Gonzalez, but I think they are good guys, good and talented people. I am sure in the next five years you will enjoy a lot with them. I was impressed on Saturday when i hit with Garin, he was unbelievable and Nico will also keep improving so you have to wait for them."

On how it will feel like to play an exhibition match in Chile again, Federer said: "It will be special and emotional, I do not know well what to expect. I am confident there will be a great environment, I expect something special on this aspect, something that I never felt before it's a country where I never was into and fans usually are very different in all the places I go to.

I had unbelievable matches with Fernando and Marcelo, and I remember the fans shooting Chi-Chi-Chi-Le-Le-Le, so I remember all the matches."